This is a concept assignment and I only got two words for you…


Yep… that is your assignment… a Red Balloon.

Shoot the balloon YOUR way, any way you want. I do not care what you do with them… but impress me.


This is what we call a concept shot. There will be more, but this one will drive you nuts if you let it.

Have no fear that there are others that are worse… bwahahahaha.

Here’s the skinny…

I do not care about how you shoot the red balloon, or in what style or what you have as subject matter… only that red balloon features prominently in the shot.

The red balloon can be THE subject, or the subject can be interacting with the red balloon… or perhaps it is a vignette with a red balloon prominently featured… or even subtly featured but visible. Heh.

A recent inspiration for this assignment is this shot of Chris Rock by Jake Chessum.