(NOTE: Please use these worksheets on the Chocolate Assignment and going forward.)

In order to have the answers to the questions we all have, it is very helpful to have a sheet of info in front of us.

Please print this PDF (one sided or two sided) to keep along with your other notes so that we can discuss your images with better knowledge.

The worksheets are quite self explanatory. Make any notes you wish as you begin to create the image. At the time you have the final image, make the notes on the worksheet from either the live shoot, or the Lightroom/Pshop info pallets.

Use a lighting diagram for even more accurate info.

Download one that can be used on Photoshop here.

Use an online diagram maker here, and export out a Jpeg.

Print and tape/adhesive to your workbook pages.

A photo of your lighting setup may be a good idea as well.

Worksheet Download PDF Worksheet Pages